Sunday, August 1, 2010


My -in laws took my two teenage children camping this past weekend, (our other child grown & gone)

 Jay, did you ever think that I would ever refer to you as the 'other child?' love & miss both you & Amanda...

 Scott & I decided to visit

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Sakonnet Vineyards

We arrived early for the tour of how they make the wine, so we participated in a tasting first

sadly, I did not have the fore-thought to actually have OUR picture taken.. but these are some fine folk partaking in some mighty fine wine-tasting.

♬♬♬♬bottles of red...

bottles of white ♬♬♬♬♬♬
the wine tasting was a STEAL... $10 per 'flight' of 6 ( or more if so inclined). You get to choose which wines you would like to sample . The staff was extremely knowledgable and clearly had a passion for their craft.

After our tasting we set out for the tour

white wine

red wine

oak barrels

this is their 35th anniversary poster with labels of their wine.

ALL of the grapes for their wine are grown right there on the property

If you are in the New England area & appreciate wine, this is a place that you NEED to visit. We ( not knowing any better) ate our lunch BEFORE we went ..


there is a grill there that does serve picnic style food, but you could ( as we will next time ) pack yourself a picnic & just relax at one of their picnic tables,  on a blanket on the beautiful lawn overlooking the pond or one of their quaint bistro-style tables looking at the actual vineyard.

of course with a bottle of award-winning wine from Sakonnet :)

admittedly, I have been there before, while in culinary school on a real 'field trip'; I had the luxury of actually going into the vineyard to see the vines up close. Going with Scott was wonderful because  he had not been and we were able to purchase wine to bring home with us.

 And he bought me a t-shirt ....

after 21 years of marriage, it's the little things :)

I'm serious... this amazing place deserves a day trip.. you won't be disappointed!


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